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Electric Utilities and Industrial Sites INDUSTRIAL

Visualize the Challenges


Benefits – RF and Thermal Imaging


· Locate lost or rogue RF instrumentation


· Fast effective RF site survey


· Optimize placement and performance of RF devices


· Location of cell phones / and FM radios  for personal safety and plant safety


· Standalone applications or easy, secure integration into your existing control system and IT network


· Locate high pressure steam leaks


· Identify malfunctioning steam traps


· personnel and asset location in poor visual conditions




Future offerings


· Process Control and Optimization through seamless secure data integration


· Asset Management and condition monitoring including


· Plant visualization safety and security software including intrusion detection

Remote Sensing Mobile/Aerial Sensors for Strategic Measurements

Visualize the Challenges

• Advanced IoT sensors and systems with regulatory-compliant security for utilities and industrial applications


• Novel, low-cost devices that enable an improved understanding of the operational state and condition of large capital assets (e.g. for electric utilities:  transformers, grid-scale energy storage, power electronics, and transmission / distribution lines).


• IoT devices, when layered in the modern utility’s IP-everything communications network, provide grid-centric sensing with unprecedented parameter visibility.


• A variety of remotely sensed & inferred phenomena (including RF, audio, vibration, heat, chemical, biological, viscosity, corrosion, radiation, etc.).


• Synthesized video overlaid for augmented reality perception of the measured parameter fields.


• Mobile/Aerial sensors - *Much* more than a camera on a drone

Aerial view of Electric Power Board’s (EPB) Transmission Line Training Area

(Chattanooga, TN)

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