The Directed Sensing platform comprises four key solutions for gathering and displaying data:

Remote Sensing


With specific expertise in mobile deployments, the Directed Sensing platform offers advanced remote sensor technology for a variety of direct and inferred phenomena.

Improve operational intelligence with our advanced remote measurement technology:

  • UAS, vehicular and stationary deployments for land, sea and air
  • Move to health maintenance for equipment instead of schedule of break/fail maintenance
  • Optimize mobile repair crews
  • See solutions page for more
Sensor Display Technology


In addition to standard sensor capabilities, Directed Sensing holds a patent for video technology capable of displaying sensor readings overlaid on live or deferred video.

Deployable for aerial, vehicle and stationary measurement, on land, in the sea and in the air, this technology provides unique intelligence with a variety of applications.

  • A UAS equipped with a sensor pack relays data through our secure servers, which immediately synthesize video with an overlay of EM fields to display whether power lines are live or not, and coronal energy to show where energy loss is occurring
  • A series of sensors in a substation can detect gas leaks—their size and precise location
  • See solutions page for more
Encrypted Connections


Critical infrastructure measurement and control systems in North America must comply with stringent North American Electric Reliability Corporation critical infrastructure protection (NERC-CIP) protocols, a set of requirements for asset security in bulk electric system operations, in order to limit their vulnerability to cyber attack and physical tampering. The Directed Sensing platform was built with these requirements specifically in mind, so offers maximum security when integrating remote sensor measurements into management and intelligence systems. Our platform complements traditional control systems, but does not affect control mechanisms, so does not increase vulnerability.

Business Dashboards


Measurements from the Directed Sensing platform can be transmitted into an existing data warehouse or business intelligence tool, or viewed through our personalized web portal as timeline trends and reports. Viewable on any computer or mobile device, our dashboards bring awareness of your system’s integrity to your fingertips. Scale up to view weeks at a glance or down to hourly readings, set up alerts and alarms, and download data and charts for easy reporting.